Granola - Cinnamon Crunch

Granola - Cinnamon Crunch


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Natural, Cashew nuts

Cinnamon Crunch – A spiced favourite that’s mainly crunch with a small offering of juicy sultanas. Maple and cinnamon are combined and heated to coat the oat, crushed almond and super seed mix. The raw granola is slow-roasted until golden and crunchy. Juicy sultanas are added to the cooling bake for a soft-textured balance.

Nut Fest – A hearty and earthy granola for nut lovers. No fruit is added to this simple, nutty granola. A combination of crushed and whole almonds, macadamias, Brazils, cashews, pistachios and hazelnuts are combined with oats and covered in maple syrup before being slow-roasted until golden brown.

Lemon and Blueberry – A zesty, decadent granola with a big crunch from the almonds and pecans, balanced with soft tangy blueberries. Fresh lemon juice and zest is added to the maple-glazed gluten-free oats and multi-seed mix before being lightly roasted until crispy.

Pistachio – Whole and crushed pistachios are mixed with Brazils, almonds and our multi-seed mix before being combined with maple-glazed oats and medium-roasted giving pistachio-weighted notes to this unique granola. Cranberries are added post-bake to add a little chew and tang.


Baked in Bangkok. Store in the pantry.

Net weight: 500g.

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