Honey - Samed Tree wildflower

Honey - Samed Tree wildflower

Ingredients: Pure Samed tree wild flower nectar. 20% Moisture.
Colour: Light Amber
Aroma: Wonderful sweet mono-floral aroma
Taste: Amarena cherry, molasses’s, horehound, herbal, orange citric, resinous pine, earthy, cotton.
Sweetness: Moderately sweet with a lingering palate finish.

Storage: Air-con
Net weight: 370g.

Harvest Season is periodic throughout the year. Geography: Southern Thai provinces. Mono-floral
source. The Melaleuca Quinquenervia Tree. This very rare and unique honey is from the blossoms of
the trees with many names: Cajuput tree, Milk wood, Paper bark tree or Swamp tree grown in peat
swamp forest in the southern region of Thailand. Its unique aroma and taste differentiates it from
those from the northern region like longan, lychee or bitterbush.


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