Certified organic vegetable set - 4 WEEKS Subscription - 4x FREE DELIVERY

Certified organic vegetable set - 4 WEEKS Subscription - 4x FREE DELIVERY


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  • VIVIN Grocery Certified organic vegetable set are available on pre-order only.

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All our vegetables are produced in a certified Chiang Mai organic farm by passionate growers, Uraiwan Farm.

The vegetables set is comprised of 10 to 15 variety of organic vegetables and herbs, such as:

  • lettuce mix
  • carrots
  • egplants
  • pink radish
  • pumpkin
  • onion leek
  • French green beans
  • cucumbers
  • beetroots
  • … as long as they are in season

The set elction is made by VIVIN Grocery and cannot be modified, same than delivery dates.

You are welcome to add-on specific vegetables from our offer.

Weight: 2.5 to 3.5 KG per week

Duration: 4 weeks (4 sets in total)


European OrganicIFOAM

Grocery Bangkok

A word from the producers:

Uraiwan began the organic herbs business, first as a producer of natural fertilizer, but soon realising that the natural step to produce high quality organically grown products could truly be realised in Thailand.

At one stage the perception was that quality produce had to come from abroad. Now many people realise that locally produced products are as good if not better than imported ones, however there is limited knowledge available when it comes to growing anything organically.

First difficulty, the consistent supply of quality ingredients, then to make it readily available to customers. People are very positive when they see our endeavors and what we are trying to achieve, but buying patterns don’t always change.

Fast food and processed food have been major deteriorating elements to both quality and taste and have pushed farmers revenues down. Many people have now lost the taste of the original produce. But the trend for organic produce in Thailand is definitely contributing positively in the support of quality and taste.

Since growing organic herbs it has changed our lives, being closer to nature and offering a positive impact to the environment and sustainability.

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