Olive oil – Lorenzo № 3

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Italian organic extra virgin olive oil, P.D.O. Val di Mazara, central Sicily, Italy.
Storage: Air conditioned room.
Weight: 500 ml.

From the best biancolilla olives of central Sicily, like many precious emeralds hanging from the tree branches, we get this unique olive oil, a product of the faithfulness for organic farming and love for tradition. The result of so much scrupulous attention is Lorenzo N°3, a precious extra virgin olive oil of a mild fruity flavour and a well rounded taste with light peppery finish.

The olives are harvested by hand and treated with continuous cold extraction, within 12 hours from the harvest, and separation by centrifuge; the oil is allowed to settle and then decanted naturally. The result is a slightly dense oil, golden yellow in colour, with mild aroma with green almond notes, mild fruity flavour, well rounded taste with light peppery finish.


Out of stock