Cow – Molène Black Truffle 10% ~400g

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Ingredients: raw cow milk, salt, rennet, culture starter.
Type: soft cow, ~2-3 week old.
Origin: Chiang Mai, Thailand. French producer.
Weight: FULL ~400g / half~200g.
Storage: fridge.

Take out of fridge in AC room 10 min before serving.

Using similar ferments, Molène can be compared to a Camembert or Brie style cheese. It has a sharp unique flavour and enjoyable soft texture.
Enjoy our popular local Thai unpasteurized cow milk cheese Molène stuffed with a creamy truffle center. The sharp, unique flavours of Camembert-like Molène cheese combined with the real taste and aroma of natural Italian black truffle (with no addition of truffle oil) makes this an immediate hit for those who have tried.


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