Sauce – Organic fish sauce

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Ingredients: organic bred fish, unrefined sea salt, organic cane sugar.

Origin: Nakhon Pathom
Net weight: 300ml

100% fish sauce, no chemical additives, color, smell, flavor, MSG and preservatives. Fishes are bred by using Participatory Guarantee System (PGS) system for a period of at least 8 months  (PGS).
The fishes are marinated in the traditional way with an over 1 century old recipe of Mae Sanom (แม่สนม) from Ban Hin Mun (บ้านหินมูล). First, marinated with unrefined sea salt for at least 1 year, it is then boiled and seasoned with organic cane sugar it cool and let the salt crystallize for another 3-5 days.
This fish sauce is filtered 3 times through a traditional calico bag.