Frequently asked questions

Which of your products are organic ?


Only the Kampot pepper is from Cambodia and our dried herbs from Chiang Mai are certified organic. These are the only products that we can 100% guarantee the right respect of organic agriculture and proper organic certification without tea money as it’s unfortunately commonly the case in Thailand.
We guarantee only what we are sure about: natural products with no additives of any kind.

Do you use exclusively unpasteurized local milk for your cheese production?

We use only locally produced unpasteurized (raw) milk for all our cheese range, cow or goat.

What is VIVIN brand philosophy ?

At VIVIN, we are conscious about quality, natural and locally produced products. We understand this has become of higher concern to consumers. VIVIN work with trustworthy, passionate local artisans and growers, to create the highest quality products, 100% natural.

How do you control respect of high quality standards for VIVIN gourmet food products ?

We create our own recipes and manage our own production kitchen in Bangkok, FDA certified and respecting GMP Codex standards.
Our artisan partners are trustable & passionate professionals with hygienic facilities that are certified by the Thai FDA (Oyor).
VIVIN management is on daily contact with partners and have a strict level of quality control at product receiving. Any products not matching standards will be rejected..

Do you use any preservatives, antioxidant or any other chemicals in the preparation of VIVIN delicacies?

At VIVIN, we use only 100% natural ingredients in all our products, as much as we can we respect traditional ways to produce in order to supply best quality to our customers.

How can I best keep cheese in my fridge?

Keep it in the bottom of the fridge in its original packaging. If kept inside packaging it will get creamier faster. You can open the cheese time to time to let it breathe and allow it to dry a little faster.

What is the difference between goose and duck foie gras?

Goose is more refined, smoother in taste. It’s appreciated as the origin of foie gras by connoisseurs. Goose foie gras is also more expensive. Duck foie gras is stronger in taste and is more widely distributed as being more affordable.

What is the difference between different foie gras designations?

The reference regarding the various type of foie gras products designation is based on French laws as a reference.
Mousse of foie gras or Pate of foie gras are made of minimum 50% fat liver and other duck meat.
Bloc of Foie gras 98% fat liver minimum and other animal meat. If mentioned with pieces (avec morceaux) à minimum of % minimum of real pieces are mandatory for duck (% for goose)
Foie gras 100% fat liver but coming from various different animals
Whole (duck or goose) foie gras 100% fat liver from only 1 to 2 animals. It’s the best quality of foie gras terrine.

Can I travel with cheese or other sensitive VIVIN (foie gras) products?

You can travel with our cheese. It can go into your luggage, hand carry or checked-in. If you are travelling to Europe or similar distance, we recommend you ask for our frozen gel packs.
For local transportation, never keep your products in a car and under direct sunlight.
Dried charcuterie as Magret or dried sausages are fine for any travel time with air-conditioning.

What temperature should the cheese be kept at?

Cheese are kept for aging at our production around 12 C for aging.
In your home, cheese should be kept around 5 C in the bottom of the fridge in their original packaging. Most of them will them creamier with time respecting this storing. If you prefer the cheese more dry, you might want to slightly open the box to let some air get in.

Is the dried duck local?

Our duck is exclusively produced locally in Thailand. Our breeder is highly recognised professional respecting HACCP and ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 international standards. Ducks are cured with local fleur de sel salt from Phetchaburi.

How long can you keep the cheese out of the fridge?

Hard cheese can be kept a few hours without gel packs. Soft cheese can be kept 1 to 2 hours in air-conditioning.

Are all products made in Thailand?

Most of VIVIN products are made in Thailand. Our main production kitchen is located in central Bangkok. We also work with various artisans, producers and growers located in various area in Thailand, such as Chiang Mai, Sukhothai & Phetchaburi.

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