Chorizo en Manteca 200g

Chorizo en Manteca 200g

Ingredients: pork meat, pork fat, mix herbs, sweet paprika, cumin, starter (wine), sugar, salt, pink curing salt, pepper, pork casing, white vinegar, thyme, bay leaves, garlic.

Storage: fridge.
Net weight: 200g.

Also called “Manteca colorá”, Chorizo en Manteca literally translate to “chorizo in butter”; Indeed fresh chorizos are dried for few days before being drown in pork fat (saindoux). The result is very flavorful and rich “spreadable” cold cut delicacy.

They keep very well in the fridge for a long time and are a great breakfast with a good muffin, an ideal “aperitif” with a few slices of bread or a main dish if we fry them with their butter and serve them accompanied by some fried potatoes and a fried egg .

VIVIN Chorizo en Manteca is packed in jars for easy home use.