Sobrasada 200g

Sobrasada 200g

Ingredients: pork, pork lard, salt, pink curing salt, sugar, black pepper, nutmeg, garlic, Spanish smoked paprika, chili, starter (botanical spirit)

Storage: fridge.
Net weight: 200g.

Behind this exquisiteness there are many years of history. It is said that sobrasada was already prepared in Mallorca in the 15th century, although the characteristic orange color would arrive in the 18th century.

To obtain the sobrasada, a strict elaboration process that includes the mincing, kneading and stuffed in natural pork casings and to which the necessary curyoing in dryers until physicochemical and sensory characteristics of this Mallorcan origin product are achieved. At the end of the process, the sobrasada will have an irregular cylindrical shape, determined by the morphology of the gut. The surface of the sausage will be dark red, smooth or slightly rough, with a slight whitish mold. It will have a characteristic flavor and aroma, with a clear presence of paprika.

VIVIN Sobrasada, after curing period, is packed in jars for easy home use.


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